Why Driving with a chipped windshield is a bad idea?

Why Driving with a chipped windshield is a bad idea?

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A Chipped windshield can be more than a dull eyesore and may render a car perilous to drive. Driving with a damaged windshield seem less pressing than a mechanical fault in your car and it usually remains unattended especially when Cracks and chips are not in your field of view Car windshields are designed to protect occupants in the case of in case of countered impact. It is favorable to get immediate help if you are driving with chipped windscreen. Get the high-quality auto glass replacement by Ontime Sydney Towing. 

It is pivotal that you know the consequences of having a damaged windshield.                                                                                                                                                                                                                              



  • Reduced Visibility

Chips or cracks in car glass hampers the vision of the driver, particularly in low light and weather conditions. Rising the risk of a collision or an accident. For that matter Chipping windshield also causes glares of blinding light that can hinder driver sight, putting the passengers in mortal danger. It is advised to get yourself helped by Towing in Bayviewif you are encountering the same issue. 


  • Lessened Structural Integrity

Notedly, windshield complement structural integrity of the vehicle. Its designed framework supports the roof. Therefore, preventing the roof from caving during an accident. Already damaged windshield can’t perform that function properly. 


  • Airbag Malfunction

Your car windshield plays a vital role in the process of airbag deployment. Which prevents the passenger from getting injured in case of an impact or collision. A cracked chipped, or incorrectly installed windshield can cause airbag deployment malfunction.


  • Water Leaks

Cracked windshields can often lead to water leaks. Rainwater or dew might dribble in and cause damp interiors, causing mold and mildew development. It may also damage the upholstery and circuitry components. Windshield replacement cost should not daunt you from are these hazards can lead to more significant damage and expense burden. Seek help from Towing at Elvina Bay at affordable rates



  • Risk of Ejection 

the windshield offers the ultimate protection against ejection from the car, which may very prove to be fatal. Damaged glass is impotent to do so during a collision or an impact.


Drivers need to be aware of the safety issues associated with a damaged windscreen. Even minor windscreen damage shouldn’t be taken lightly and should be dealt with as soon as it appears. Ontime Sydney Towing is here to help. Call to an agent 24/7.