How to improve gas mileage? 

How to improve gas mileage? 

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As we always say that you can save a lot of money by subscribing to Ontime Sydney Towing's most economical roadside assistance and quick tow truck service in Sydney, here's one more thing that can help you save a few extra bucks by following some easy tips and tricks, and that is by improving your vehicle's fuel efficiency.

Our driving habits have a considerable impact on our vehicle's fuel efficiency. The tips and tricks, some of which can be implemented effortlessly and some require a bit of a dedication, are given below:

Go easy on the pedals 

By pedals, here, we mean both the gas and brake pedals. Applying light throttle and let the vehicle speed up gradually, and avoiding heavy braking reduces the fuel consumption as well as the wear and tear.

Keep the tyres at the right pressure

Keeping the tyre pressure at an optimum level, as suggested by the car's manual, is crucial in improving the gas mileage. Each pound of air pressure that your tyres lack costs you rolling resistance, which robs you of precious fuel. So, make sure to inflate your tyres to their correct pressure before rolling out of your garage. But, if you suspect that the pressure is low while being on the road or you experience a flat tyre around Narrabeen or Palm Beach, you can always hit up Ontime Sydney Towing for a quick fix.

Make sure the gas cap is fully sealed

The gas cap contains a rubber seal that provides an airtight protection against the possible entry of air into your fuel tank, and also prevents the gas to be leaked into the air, without you even knowing. Unfortunately, this rubber seal degrades overtime, forming cracks or failing altogether, so a quarterly inspection can be vital. These cracks can also leave you run out of fuel anytime, therefore, always keep Ontime Sydney Towing's helpline number handy to get a speedy refuel nearby Newport.

Watch out for the excess weight

You'd be surprised to know how much extra weight in your vehicle hurts your fuel economy. Taking all the junk out of your trunk this weekend can do the trick to improve gas mileage.